Year 7 students have recently been demonstrating some of their new found skills …

Year 7 students have recently been demonstrating some of their new found skills in their Core Skills Learning Exhibition.
Students have been undertaking a project to show improvement in a skill of their choice over a 5 week period. The students’ choices were as varied as juggling, embroidery, guitar, drawing, and trike building!

At the exhibition students were then interviewed by each other, sixth form students, teachers and parents about their learning and how they had shown progress in their chosen skill. We were delighted to be joined by so many of our Year 7 families for our pupil interviews.

One parent commented, “I can definitely see the benefit of getting students to work on projects such as these, encouraging them to learn techniques to improve various life-skills, and then getting them to discuss their findings. Having been involved in recruitment for the past 20 years, I have seen many young people who do not possess the skills that are now being taught to my children. The ability to self-assess, accept constructive criticism and verbalise their experiences will hopefully prove useful to the pupils in the workplace, as well as providing resilience in all areas of their lives.”

Mr. S. Edwards, Core Skills Co-ordinator said “This project has given many students the confidence that if you spend time practicing you can see the improvement you can make. We have used the motto, ‘practice makes progress’ rather than the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’. I have been delighted with the way the students have shown a Growth Mindset and really challenged themselves to make progress at their chosen skills and their ELLI dimensions. This exhibition has allowed us to celebrate the students’ hard work over the past few weeks.”

Year 7 student Lee added “I enjoyed this Core Skills project because I learnt how to juggle. I gained extra resilience from it because I didn’t give up even when I wanted to.”

Year 7 students Amy, Samira and Nuba said “We enjoyed showing our progress to people that I had just met. From this project, we have learnt that if you work hard you can achieve better.”

We would like to congratulate all of the students on their hard work and thank all of our parent helpers and sixth formers who were able to attend the exhibition.


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