Exam Information – Year 11 in September

Please note that the majority of students entering Year 11 in September 2017 (currently in Year 10) will have external exams in October and November 2017, some of which may fall during the Autumn half term.

Subject teachers will be able to give your student more specific information but students can expect to be involved in some of the following exam sessions:

Potential subjects and dates:

 Cambridge International Examinations – Maths – 0580

25/10/2017         Paper 1

31/10/2017         Paper 2



Cambridge International Examinations – Combined Science – 0653

01/11/2017         Multiple Choice

Alternative to Practical

07/11/2017         Combined Science Paper 3


Cambridge International Examinations – Coordinated Science – 0654

 01/11/2017         Multiple Choice

Alternative to Practical

07/11/2017         Coordinated Science Paper 3


Formal examination timetables and details will be given to students when they enter year 11 but we hope this advance information will enable you to plan ahead for the Autumn Term.

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